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About M&D

Our Mission 

Our mission at M&D Paranormal and Cryptid Research LLC is to compassionately, knowledgeably, and professionally assist those who have been personally affected by a paranormal or cryptid experience, including those who have been indirectly affected. No matter the circumstances of the experience, we strive to offer a non-judgmental environment to promote education, open communication, and empathy to each client within our service. We vow that the needs, concerns, and safety of our clients always come first in any service we offer.

What We Do

M&D primarily offers services (free of charge, however donations are appreciated) for those who are having or have had paranormal or cryptid experiences in their home, business, or land and would like a professional investigation to be performed. Paranormal events are those which may be caused by: ghosts, spirits, energies, or other strange phenomena. Cryptid events may include encounters or signs by: bigfoot, dogman, mothman, aliens, or other strange creatures (click here to read “What is a cryptid?”). This can validate a personal experience by collecting supporting visual or audio evidence and, if requested, we can cleanse / clear a space to mitigate continued experiences. We are based in Asheville and Marion but service the entire Western North Carolina region and beyond.

M&D also works with local area groups and business to promote the paranormal and cryptid fields to help dispel the stigma around these phenomena. This work includes: media appearances, historical and location-based research, educational presentations, and open investigations at known haunted locations.

Our Equipment & Methodology

Our investigative equipment is the most advanced available in the paranormal field today (the same as you would see on any “ghost show” on major TV networks). We work with a state of the art night vision camera system, an SLR depth of field camera with figure mapping software, radio frequency scanner / ‘spirit box’, tri-field meters, and more. We are professionally trained, certified, and follow the scientific method in all our investigations. We do not elaborate or fabricate evidence and always seek to first glean a rational, tangible explanation of the event; once these are eliminated we will delve deeper into the paranormal realm.


Our New Blog website

Our New Blog website

Daniel Hurst AKA; “Tiny”, of M&D co-hosts on the Fringe Investigations podcast as featured by Coast to Coast AM with George Noory.


Social Media

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The Team

Lead Investigation Team

Mary Goyer

Mary Goyer

M&D's founder,lead investigator and spirit box aficionado, Mary Goyer, has had multiple personal paranormal experiences that she cannot explain but has spent her entire life attempting to understand. Though she does not claim to be psychically sensitive she expresses a natural ability to feel more than our five senses should allow. Her history and her desire to help others like her led to the creation of M&D. Mary has spent most of her life perusing a career as a worker's compensation claims manager for a prestigious insurance company. With this experience, she has gained much knowledge into the world of medicine and law. This has supported her authentic and fierce ability to read one's character and see beneath the surface of any given situation, including paranormal.

Daniel Hurst

Daniel Hurst

Daniel Hurst aka; “Tiny”, the face and co-founder of M&D, has had many experiences through his lifetime, both paranormal and cryptid. Many of his skills centered around his childhood homeland of Eastern Tennessee and range from Sasquatch encounters, UFO sightings, and intelligent hauntings to being attacked twice by forces unknown. He has an extensive history working in the medical field, having over 20 years of experience holding a variety of titles. Much of his experience has focused mainly on mental health and substance abuse while going to school for a degree in criminal justice.

Tess Goyer

Tess Goyer

Tess Goyer, also known as the “Debunker” of the group, has also spent several years working in the medical field (focused on mental health) and has had a variety of paranormal experiences throughout her life. Though not claiming to be sensitive, she is attuned to the energy in the investigation locations and serves a great asset to the M&D team. She continues to pursue an education in the helping field with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Psychology and Human Services.

 Community Network

M&D focuses on helping the community and dispelling the stigma associated with paranormal experiences, and at the same time create a community of like-minded individuals while sharing knowledge and understanding to expand the field in which we research. M&D was founded by Mary, Daniel, and Tess in the summer of 2017 with the goal of helping others work through and gain knowledge about their paranormal experience. Just as their clients, all members of the M&D team have experienced some form of paranormal phenomena which is what compelled their interest in this field. For select onsite investigations, M&D invites members of their network with specialized experience to join them.

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Sample of locations investigated:

  • MACA: McDowell Arts Counsel Association - Marion, NC

  • Picture Perfect Hair Salon - Marion, NC

  • The Masonic Temple - Asheville, NC

  • St. Alban’s Sanitarium - Radford, VA

  • Undisclosed private residence located in Tupelo, Mississippi

  • Many private residences and businesses in the WNC area we may not disclose for investigations and cleanings

*Note: We hold the privacy of our clients in highest regard and therefore do not disclose most of our investigated locations or evidence. Those images and videos we do share are with complete permission from the client.

Visual Evidence*

Small sample gallery of highlight visual evidence. Follow us on Facebook to see more evidence!

Media Appearances

Sample of some of our media appearances:

  • Fringe Investigations, M&D Paranormal Evidence - Feb 2019 >>Click here to listen.

  • Creep Geeks, Interview with M&D Paranormal and Cryptid Research - Feb 2019 >>Click here to listen.

  • Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, Featured Podcast: Fringe Investigations - Oct 2018 >>Click here to listen.

  • Joshua P. Warren Daily, “Meet A Great Team: M&D Paranormal!” - Feb 2018 >>Click here to listen.

  • The McDowell Times, “M&D Paranormal opens shop downtown; free event set for Friday” - Dec 2017 >>Click here to read.

  • The McDowell Times, “McDowell’s new paranormal group investigates the supernatural” - Sept 2017 >>Click here to read.

  • Other outlets include: WIOS New Channel 13, CNN, and The Mountain Express

  • Many appearances and guest panels at paranormal and cryptid festivals / “-cons”



Our Information

Phone: (828) 484 -1637
Email: manddparanormal@gmail.com
Address: The Shop | 49 State Street | Marion, NC
We are based in Marion / Asheville, North Carolina but service the entire Western North Carolina region and beyond.

Let Us Know

Are you having a paranormal (ghost, spirit, energy, or unseen force) or cryptid (bigfoot, dogman, mothman, or strange creature) experience? Would you like an investigation or cleansing performed at your home or business? Do you have a story/experience you’d like to share or have questions about? Please, use the contact form below.