Sample of locations investigated:

  • MACA: McDowell Arts Counsel Association - Marion, NC

  • Picture Perfect Hair Salon - Marion, NC

  • The Masonic Temple - Asheville, NC

  • St. Alban’s Sanitarium - Radford, VA

  • Undisclosed private residence located in Tupelo, Mississippi

  • Many private residences and businesses in the WNC area we may not disclose for investigations and cleanings

*Note: We hold the privacy of our clients in highest regard and therefore do not disclose most of our investigated locations or evidence. Those images and videos we do share are with complete permission from the client.

Visual Evidence*

Small sample gallery of highlight visual evidence. Follow us on Facebook to see more evidence!

Media Appearances

Sample of some of our media appearances:

  • Fringe Investigations, M&D Paranormal Evidence - Feb 2019 >>Click here to listen.

  • Creep Geeks, Interview with M&D Paranormal and Cryptid Research - Feb 2019 >>Click here to listen.

  • Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, Featured Podcast: Fringe Investigations - Oct 2018 >>Click here to listen.

  • Joshua P. Warren Daily, “Meet A Great Team: M&D Paranormal!” - Feb 2018 >>Click here to listen.

  • The McDowell Times, “M&D Paranormal opens shop downtown; free event set for Friday” - Dec 2017 >>Click here to read.

  • The McDowell Times, “McDowell’s new paranormal group investigates the supernatural” - Sept 2017 >>Click here to read.

  • Other outlets include: WIOS New Channel 13, CNN, and The Mountain Express

  • Many appearances and guest panels at paranormal and cryptid festivals / “-cons”